Mike Haiges


Mike Haiges is living the "do what you love" plan ever since he said goodbye to the cubical. After receiving his B.A. in business at Oklahoma State University, a few random jobs that took him across the country,

Mike, an avid skier, wound up in Colorado turning screws as a ski tech in Winter Park to supplement his addictive hobby. He soon felt warmer weather calling and accepted a job in San Diego, CA hoping to actualize his vision of running a Scuba diving shop in Hawaii. Soon after establishing himself as a salesman he was asked to relocate to Oahu at a shop on Pearl Harbor.

Several successful years and shops later, Mike gave up paradise and chose to move back to the mainland. Throughout all his experimental adventures beer has been the controlled variable. After drinking the kool aide his friend, Brian was brewing up he was hooked.

Eventually, Brian and Mike were put together as owners at Thirsty Planet. Uprooting his future wife from California, and himself from OKC, they both moved to Austin to begin the life of brewing and growing a new craft brewery. Now he just sweeps and mops a different floor.