Jake Peery

Assistant Brewer

Jake (Jimmy) Peery is a Texas born Cubano with music in his soul and a fire in his seat. When he was little he could never sit still and the same is still true today. His interests include sharks, making impossible messes, and obsessing over beer (bottles, types, breweries, pretty much any extrapolation).

But in all seriousness - he actually has a backstory:

He grew up on a Texas farm and rode the bus an hour to school each day. He met his future wife in high school and they both traveled to Chicago to attend Elmhurst College together.

In the course of studying music business and brushing up on his mad jazz pianist skills, he received an internship at a prominent local bar where he was both music director and head bartender. Being behind the bar lead to an introduction he’d never forget - all the complexities and simplicities that are beer.

After a few too many blizzards and finally graduation day, the choice was obvious to move back to Texas.

Jake began volunteering at Thirsty Planet in February of 2015 and four months later he was still coming back. He wouldn't leave so ...we hired him.

Now he's all ours and does a little of everything, including brewing beer, and drawing weird pictures on the tasting room chalkboard.