Gabe Kuchar


Gabe hails from the high­-five state of Michigan. At the age of 19 he found a loophole in this great country’s law books and started home brewing in his college apartment. He immediately fell in love with the magic of fermentation and started building a home brew setup. After being distracted by grad school, and a viewing of Richard Linklater’s movie “Slacker”, Gabe packed up his car and headed to Austin, TX.

Whilst freelancing in video production and hustling in the service industry Gabe would often volunteer at brewpubs and breweries (including the newly­opened Thirsty Planet). Here he gained more appreciation and knowledge of the craft of brewing, but beer still remained a hobby for him. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that Gabe had received his brewing epiphany. Working six days a week on Sixth Street and home brewing every day off, he thought, “what do I really want to do in life?” The answer was right under his nose, literally, as he stirred the mash for his brew. “I am already doing what I want to do in life,” he proclaimed, and suddenly the path had become clear.

Within the next year, Gabe starting working a Craft Pride, a beer bar carrying only Texas beers on draught. He had gotten his first taste of a life where “work” and “passion” blended together. Devoting most of his time and nearly all of his budget to studying, experimenting, and crafting in the art & science of beer, he maintained the idea that if you follow your passion, life’s opportunities would match those of your dreams.

In April of 2016 Gabe joined the Thirsty Planet brewing team. He still marvels at the smell of a mash and the sound of an active fermenter like it’s his first brew, only now he gets paid to do it.