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Fat Nap Barleywine is a 10.8% high-gravity ale featuring a pleasant, sweet-fruit aroma and smooth bitterness. Light alcohol warmth carries through to a toasted, bready finish.

Cosmic Butterfly Kettle Souris a refreshing 3.9% Berliner Weiss-style Kettle Sour made with Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers giving it a cosmic purple color. It’s a lightly-tart ale with a crisp malt character fluttering with lemon and tea notes.

Imperial Puppet is a 10.8% ABV imperial stout, balanced by a roasty chocolate backbone. A touch of oats are added to create a velvety mouthfeel that soothes the moderate coffee-like bitterness.

The locations shown have purchased our Special Brewski. Because these establishments have limited quantities and choose when the beer is tapped, we are not in control of when it becomes available, so please ask your bartender! Check back each month to see where our latest concoction is being offered.

Fat Nap Barleywine
Cosmic Butterfly Kettle Sour
Imperial Puppet Stout