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Hoppy Rhino Red Ale is a 5.4% red ale brewed with 10% rye malt.

Hey Man Helles brings the taste of Bavaria straight to the foothills of Mount Bonnell. Brewed with Augustiner lager yeast straight from the oldest brewery in Munich, it has a muted hop character and soft malty accent, perfect for wrapping up this Texas summer heat.

Smittlefest Märzen is brewed with Augustiner lager yeast, this full-bodied Märzen, coming in at 7.0% ABV, has a deep amber color, toffee malt flavor and aroma that goes perfectly with a bratwurst or roast chicken.

The locations shown have purchased our Special Brewski. Because these establishments have limited quantities and choose when the beer is tapped, we are not in control of when it becomes available, so please ask your bartender! Check back each month to see where our latest concoction is being offered.

Hoppy Rhino Red Ale
Hey Man Hellesr
Smittlefest Märzen