Get Your Goat...In Bottles!



Allison Kelly

Thirsty Planet Brewing Co.

(512) 814-6208

Get Your Goat…In Bottles!

“Thirsty Planet Brewery Co. has launched their much anticipated bottling line and will now offer their Thirsty Goat Amber in 6 pack bottles”

AUSTIN, TEXAS –JANUARY 15th, 2015- Thirsty Planet Brewery Co. is excited to announce the launch of their bottling line and will now offer their Thirsty Goat Amber Ale in 6 pack bottles at select grocery stores around Austin. Bottles of Thirsty Goat Amber hit shelves last month and will be the first bottled line Thirsty Planet has offered since Brian Smittle founded the brewery in 2010.

Out of Thirsty Planet’s leading beers including the Buckethead IPA and the Yellow Armadillo Wheat, Thirsty Goat Amber has remained their flagship recipe. This medium-bodied beer has a sweet, malty taste that finishes with a light, hoppy bitterness, perfect for any level of beer enthusiast. Thirsty Planet beers have been enjoyed on draft at an array of bars around Austin since 2010, but the bottling line is a milestone that this rapidly growing brewery has envisioned since the beginning.

Owner Brian Smittle explains, “I always knew that packaging was in the future of Thirsty Planet and a quality bottling machine was actually one of the first pieces of equipment we bought. It needed some love as it was an older Italian machine. After rebuilding some gear boxes, replacing some o-rings, and brushing up on our Italian, we were confident we could give it a go”.

Thirsty Planet has always approached growth in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. Currently serving three Austin counties (Hays, Williamson, and Travis), their focus has been to ensure a consistent and quality product to the bars, restaurants, and Austinites who they credit with their early success. Staying committed to their local community has put expanding their operation at a steady pace.

Thirsty Planet’s Buckethead IPA and their Yellow Armadillo Wheat (winner of the silver medal in the American-Wheat category during The 2014 Great American Beer Festival) will be the next recipes to go into bottles and are scheduled for a summer release date. Bottles of Thirsty Planet beer to be sold in bars and restaurants is an exciting possibility, but currently their bottling line has a limited capacity.

To find out more on Thirsty Planet visit and find a grocery store near you to Get Your Goat…In Bottles!